This project is a spin-off from Compact13Tools. Besides the name and URL changes, the Managed Code tools are built directly with OS as Managed Code Subprojects.

Changes from Compact13Tools

  • Functionally the same, ie Same tool apps
  • Apps renamed from Compact13XXXX to CECompactXXXX
  • Similar changes in source code
  • OS Projects are C# Managed Code
    • C# source is built with OS
    • No call to lower layer, which has been removed
  • Tools are located collectively under ThirdParty/Embedded101/CECompactTools in Catlaog
  • SYSGENS for apps have been renamed
  • Registry entries under CECompactTools instead of Compact13Tools
    • HKLM/Software/CECompactTools/Shell/Minshell
  • New URL