Despite its detractors, Microsoft has of late has embraced OpenSource with a vengeance. Much code is now available on GitHub under the Microsoft moniker, for developers to tweak, extend, debug and contribute. is the central location for it.






The repository currently has thousands of projects and  includes open source code for such things as:
Visual Studio Code (I hear someone has got  it to run on a Raspberry PI!) ,  DotNet-Core, ASP.NET-Core, Roslyn (C# and VB compilers), UWP Samples, MSBuild, Windows (UWP) Template Studio, UWP Community Toolkit, PowerShell and TypeScript.


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Ps. Version 1.2 of  WindowsTemplate Studio has just been released.

Windows Template Studio uses a dev-friendly wizard to get your UWP apps to F5 in no time, bringing together the pages, frameworks and features that you want. Our wizard walks developers through four steps to quickly scaffold a new UWP app:

  • Project Type: Select between standard layouts and predefined controls.
  • Framework selection: Select the structure of your UWP app with in-house and third-party support.
  • App pages: Select which pages that make sense for the app, that you are trying to create.
  • App features: Easily add features such as background tasks with one click.

New in V1.2: Adding content into an existing application with Right-click add.


Note: Includes the UWP Community Toolkit


Announcing Windows Template Studio

Windows Template Studio 1.1 released!

Windows Template Studio 1.2 released!