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WEC Build error: Can't find file windows.h

Solution: Clean out the build and do a rebuild.

Something in the OS configuration,I don't know what, has got corrupted. Works every time for me!Smile

Another: When building get an error that says not much more than “In” .

Solution: You’re building whilst the OS is running. Shut it down first.

Windows Embedded Compact 2013 App Builder September Update

The issues get partly resolved.. Please read on. There were some issues with the August update. I posted this: The August update stated that : The Aug 2014 (11.0.50728 & 12.0.30527) release resolves the following issues: · The Debug.Start Debugging option will delete the deployment directory contents. · You cannot deploy a class library to the device if the solution does not contain an executable project. · You cannot specify an external program to execute when run is clicked. ====== · I tested the first point and that hasn’t been fixed · In an existing solution (One console app project and a DLL project on which it depends) if you right click on the DLL project in Solution Explorer, there’s no option to deploy it. Also if there is only a DLL in the solution same applies, so point 2 hasn’t been resolved. The issue in my previous post wrt being able to deploy and debug in other than \Temp hasn’t been resolved. So I suggest that nothing has been resolved. PS 12.0.30527 is the new installe ...

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