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Upgrading my Development PC

About I figured it was time to get some more grunt for embedded development.   Last week I put together an I7 930  system.  To cut a long story short, I built a CE operating system in about 6.5 minutes! System Specs: Intel® Core(TM) i7 CPU  930 @ 2.80 GHz That’s quad core, it hyperthreads as 8 CPUs 6 Gig DDR 3 1333 Ram as 3 x 2 Gig CPU has 3 Memory channels so one each Western Digital 1 Terabyte  Sata 3 Black Hard drive 60 GB/s ?? Link TBA ASUS ENGTS250 1G Video Card NVIdia GPU Asus P6X58D Premium Motherboard This one has USB 3 Also can take 6 Core CPU ..Later No CPU or Video overclocking yet.     .csharp ...

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Windows Embedded Standard 2007 now on MSDN

If you have MSDN Premium (or above) or MSDN Embedded you can now download the non-trial version of WES7 from MSDN Subscriber downloads. Unlike the trial version where the DVDs are downloaded as up to  8 part files (rar) files each, the MSDN version is the DVD ISOs. Trial Version Note the trial version is available from  Runtime images created by the Windows Embedded Standard 7 Evaluation will run for 30 days with no product key and 180 days with a product key. You get a key when you register for download   Reading between the lines, the IBW (32 and 64 bit) are different for trial and full versions whereas the Tookit (ICE) just requires a different key. Terminology ICW: Image Configuration Wizard  (There are 32 bit and a 64 bit versions) It works like a typical OS installer, just that there are more options ICE: Image Co ...

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Intel targets Smartphones with new Atom chips

Ref: It was reported a little while ago that the gulf that divides ARM and x86 is narrowing.  ARM, especially if GPUs are bolted on are increasing in capability.  Intel ATOMs are being scaled down in power and size.  It was at the time suggested that PADs might sit in the middle and be implementable able using both.  It has now been announced that Intel Atoms have been scaled down and can be used in phones. “Intel Corp. rolled out its latest Atom chip set, the 45nm Moorestown platform geared for use in the burgeoning market for smartphones and tablets. The new chip supports three mobile Linux variants, including Google's Android, but observers said the PC giant's next-generation 32nm chip set will compete more effectively for handset design wins.” “The new SoC includes a 512 Kbyte L2 cache. Versions for smartphones run at up to 1.5 GHz, and ones for tablets run at up to 1.9 GHz.” An x86 Phone .. you won’t s ...

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Windows Embedded Standard 7 (RTM) Trial: First Build

  About Yesterday I downloaded the Windows Embedded Standard 7 from: This is the final (trial) version of WES7.  I created a new x86 image which worked OK. It not available yet on MSDN Subscriber Downloads. Download: I had some problems with this.. I downloaded both the x86 and x64 IBWs as well as the Toolkit.  This consists of 3 DVDs ( 2 x IBWs + Toolkit)  but you download as parts that are about 480M each and reconstruct the DVD by running the first file of each.   The x86 IBW downloaded OK, but the last file for the x64 was truncated.  I re-downloaded the last x64 and all worked.  I had bigger problems (many files were truncated for some reason) with the toolset parts but kept re-downloading until I got it all. My Embedded System Source: M350 / Intel D945GSEJT mini-ITX Kit + I/O Riser Includes I ...

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Windows Embedded Standard 7: Media Centre


I got the the WES7 box running as a Media Centre device able to show live digital TV; and record it.


  • The WES7 Box with Windows Media Centre etc.
  • USB AV Labs AVL680HD  Digital Tuner.
  • TV Cable and antennae

Setup & Run

I had to get the audio working on the box first.  I then downloaded the driver from AV Labs and  installed it. It then searched for channels when I ran Media Centre and chose Live TV.  I was then able to run the box as a Digital TV at 1680 x 1050


The system was near its limit with the video throughput.  Once it started recoding,  things slowed or jumped a bit  if I tried to watch something else.t.

Suggested Improvements

  • A higher end compute system
  • A higher end video card
  • An embedded TV tuner.

I can watch and record South Park! though


Now to use API to build a wiz-bang media device.

PInvoke 101

About Lets completely work through a Platform Invoke Example. For simplicity I’ll use a Windows Mobile Emulator, but it would simply apply to an actual Windows Mobile Device/Windows CE device. Context: Visual Studio 2008 with a suitable Windows Mobile or Windows CE Emulator/SDK installed. Using C# for the application and C++ for the native DLL. I have also tried this on  my Windows Mobile 6.53 Phone First Create a new C# Smart Device Project .. Ignore the .NET Version in the first step.  Call it PInvoke.  Choose a suitable Target Platform, Set the .NET CF Version (I selected 2.0), Select Device Application (This creates a Windows Form App) A Windows CE Target might be a suitable choice. Complete the project creation, the Target Form will show. Add a Button and Text Box Double Click on the button add the code: textBox1.Text = DateTime.Now.ToString(); Build and run the ...

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Windows Embedded Standard 7 (RTM) Trial available.

Platform Invoke 2

Aka PInvoke Native and Managed Code Native code is code written in C++ (or assembler) and compiled to produce a binary executable or .DLL. Native code applications are CPU specific and only require the executable and any other required native .DLLs. Native code applications and .DLLs do not produce MSIL code. Managed code applications are written in C# or VB.NET using the .NET Compact Framework (CF). Unlike desktop .NET, C++ cannot be used to code .NET CF (Smart Device) applications. CF provides a rich library of functionality and is not compiled in a processor specific manner. .Net CF is in the main, a subset of the desktop .NET Framework with some added features that make sense on a Windows CE/Windows Mobile device. It builds to the same MSIL code as the desktop .NET. As a simple test, build a simple CF windows form application and build it. Choose a non x86 platform such as Windows Mobile/Pocket PC. Build the application. Go to its build directory, on the development machine and run the application dir ...

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Windows Phone Developer Tools CTP Refresh

The Windows Phone Developer Tools CTP refresh is available.  This is the CTP for Visual Studio 2010 RTM. Blog: Download:   Whilst there have have been some API changes/updates and a new phone emulator, tis version of the tools is meant for use with the release RTM version of of Visual Studio 2010. I had installed VS 2010 Ultimate so I downloaded and installed it.  It install with a link to download the Express version of VS 2010, so if you want you can use this get started with VS 2010.  The note indicate that the emulator can be used without VS. Application programming context is Silverlight.  I created a simple HelloWorld app:  Button Press gives date-time in textbox.  See below.   From my other blog (March 22), some notes about Windows Phone ...

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Mobile Space Buying and Takeover Desires .. Palm and ARM

HP is purchasing Palm. Apple wants ARM HP-Palm(-Compaq) There has been rumours for a while of suitors wanting to get their hands on Palm, including HTC.   HTC evidently backed away from it and HP has won out. Palm took over from the Apple Newton in being a mobile personal organiser with some mobile phone network connectivity and PIM  synchronisation but have lost market share to other phone companies. HP were big with Windows PDAs in the days before Windows Phones with the Compaq iPaq.. Actually Compaq were big with it until HP took them over/merged(??)  and then it was sidelined. I have had a few of these, they were how I started in Windows CE. .. I also had a HP  Jornada 820, a great device for its time and a forerunner to Netbook concept in terms of functionality by about 6 years .. b ...

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