This article discusses the just recently released Windows Embedded Compact Edition Shell Tools (CECompactTools) on Codeplex. This toolset has been morphed from Compact13Tools in that it provides the same shell apps for a Compact 2013 OS using the same C# source code but the Managed code is built directly as an OS Subproject!. That is, unlike Compact13Tools, there is only one software layer. (See the previous blog).

A second, simpler, technique for automatically building Managed Code projects along withe OS build  is presented.

This is quintessence of the methods discussed in a recent blog:
Managed Code Development as part of the OS

New on Codeplex:


CECompactTools was to be called CEToolbox but a search indicated that that name has been frequently used elsewhere.

Background to CECompactTools:

As discussed in the previous blog, Compact13Tools uses two software layers. There is an OS Subproject for each app that, using postlink .bat copies the built app to the release directory. Prelink.bat (which runs first) calls a batch file (BuildVSProject.bat) that builds the app binary from C# source code:


CECompactTools takes this one step forward by building each app as the OS Subproject's build. Postlink.bat is only used to copy resources, such as image files, to the release directory.Prelink.bat is not used. This requires the configuration of the sources file as a Managed Code project, which HAS been implemented in CECompactTools.


About CECompactTools






CECompactTools is one Software layer.


Each app IS a sources project





Changes from Compact13Tools

  • Functionally the same, ie Same tool apps
  • Apps renamed from Compact13XXXX to CECompactXXXX
  • Similar changes in source code
  • OS Projects are C# Managed Code
    • C# source is built with OS
    • No call to lower layer, which has been removed
  • Tools are located collectively under ThirdParty/Embedded101/CECompactTools in Catlaog
  • SYSGENS for apps have been renamed
  • Registry entries under CECompactTools instead of Compact13Tools
    • HKLM/Software/CECompactTools/Shell/Minshell
  • New URL
    • ie IS separate project


CECompactTools is its own branch in the Catalog under Embedded101
PS: Will do same to Compact13Tools, later.


Porting Compact 7 Smartdevice projects to Compact 2013


Managed Code as part of the OS Build

Once a Managed Code app is debugged it should be possible to directly build it as part of the OS build, exactly like Native Code Subprojects. The following is a trilogy on this topic including a wizard for creating a C# OS Subproject that builds with the OS on

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