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From the monthly archives: April 2015

We are pleased to present below all posts archived in 'April 2015'. If you still can't find what you are looking for, try using the search box.

CEJSON – 5.5 The Parser source code in detail

The following is most of the code for the JSON Parser state machine function.

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CEJSON – 4.4: IncrementState

Increments (the enum) the state.

// For many states when its parse requierment is satified: state <-- state++
void IncrementState()
	parseState = (Expecting)((int)parseState + 1);

CEJSON – 5.3: Expect

If in a state of “readiness” checks if the current character is the expected one. If so increment or change the state.

// For states where state increments by one if the expected character is the
// current one in the stream.
BOOL Expect(char c)
	char  ExpectArray[11] = "";  //X is don't care
	if (c == ExpectArray[parseState])

		return true;
    //A 'fix' to facilitate parsing of JSON strings that aren't arrays:
	else if (('{' == c) && (startOfArray == parseState))
		//Permit parsing of records only
		parseState = startOfName;
		//Expectation wasn't satified so error
		output.print(F("Expected: "));
		output.print(F("Got: "));
		parseState = error;
		output.print(F("Expect Next Err: "));

		ErrNo = 10;
		return false;
	return true;

CEJSON – 5.2: The JSON Parser Function

The Parser Function is a giant Switch-Case statement.

//The current state of the State Machine
Expecting parseState = startOfArray;

Parses a JSon array of records of name value pairs
BOOL ParseJsonString(char c)
	switch (parseState)
	case startOfArray:
		result = Expect(c);
		if (result)
			//Start of array so no records yet.
			RecordNo = 0;
			output.println(F("\r\n1: Starting parse of array."));

CEJSON5.1 – Parser State Machine States Enum

// Parser state machine states:
enum Expecting


CEJSON – 5: IoT The JSON Parser

A detailed description of the CEJSON JSON Parser.

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NXP and Freescale Merger

On March 2 the pending merger of NXP Semiconductors N.V. and Freescale Semiconductor, Ltd was announced.

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CEJSON – 4: IoT Version 1 Azure Mobile Service Tables

Version 1 AzMS Tables use an auto-incremented integer field as the primary key which is more compact than the GUID string used in version 2 AzMS tables.. The Azure Portal generates Version 2 tables which can be inefficient for resource limited embedded devices. This blog covers how to generate version 1 AzMS tables.

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CEJSON-3: IoT and Azure Mobile Service Scripts

When an HTML POST/GET/PATCH/DELETE message is posted to an Azure Mobile Service Table, the message can be intercepted and modified. Also the response can also be intercepted and modified. This blog outlines how to do this.

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JSONParser Example: JSONParser DELETE 24

The Command

C:\GIT\CEJSON\JSONParser.Desktop\Debug>JSONParser DELETE 24

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