Windows 10 RTM and Visual Studio 2015 RTM are up and running including UWP(Universal) apps.  I’m happy now. There is though a problem with UWP(Universal) app RC projects. Also, Windows Remote Arduino is simple to update.

Windows 10

  • I downloaded and installed the Windows 10 x64 Professional.  RTM
  • Downloaded from MSDN
  • Installed on my I7 laptop (HP Probook 450 G1)
  • Purchased new 512G SSD so install was new not update
  • Solved most of the problems I had with the Technical Preview with it
    But didn’t have similar problems with a Hyper-V Win 10 VM on my desktop.
    eg A late problem I had was with Build 10240 kept BSODing although 10240 is supposed be the RTM.. Had to turn off updates and System Restore to a few days previous
  • One issue remains: Sleep:  When resuming from Sleep system reboots after a while.
  • Hibernate woks so I can live with that.

System boots a lot quicker than previous.  For example, there isn’t a big delay with a blank screen (where you hope the boot with succeed).  New features available.  My fingerprint login now works which wasn’t previously available etc. Smile 

Visual Studio 2015 and Universal Windows Platform (Universal) Apps

  • Waited til Windows 2015 RTM release to install VS 2015 as at VS 2015 RTM release it was stated that UWP (Universal) apps not available to then.
  • Installed the VS 2015 Enterprise on above Windows 10 system
  • Selected the Windows 10 SDK as part of the install.
    It s available as separate install at but not needed as included in the install.
  • Was able to create a new Windows/Universal Blank app, build and run it (which could not do with the pre-RTM versions of VS 2015)
  • Could not load an existing VS 2015 RC Windows/Universal app project .. says it needs updating .. No automatic conversion/update available……


Updating Universal Windows Platform (Universal) RC Apps to RTM

There are two options:

  1. Simplest: Create a new blank VS 2015 RTM Windows/Universal app project, copy all sources and resources, add all references:
    Update your UWP Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 RC project to RTM
  2. Harder: “Doctor” the project file:
    Migrate apps to the Universal Windows Platform (UWP)

I tried the second method. The project loaded but wouldn’t build so I reverted to method one which worked OK.

I did this with my UWP(UA) SQLite project as per my blogs:

Problem: The files sqlite.cs and sqlitesync.cs weren’t added to my project when setting resources so added manually from the RC project. App built and ran OK then.


Windows Remote Arduino

Blinky ported simply. Just needed to change the Windows 10 SDK version.

Right click on each of the three projects, Firnata, Serial and RemoteWire and change the versions from to 10.0.10240.0:


Then press OK in the following dialog:


Then recreate the UWP Blinky project Smile

Codeplex Project Update:

The IoT samples project now has updated projects:

.Windows 10 IoT Samples on Codeplex

IoT Deployment

  • I’ve updated my IoT UWP apps to build in VS 2015 RTM.
  • Deploying tio Raspberry PI 2
  • Deployment failed:

1>Error: Unable to connect to the Microsoft Visual Studio Remote Debugger named ''.  The remote debugger is older than this version of Visual Studio 2015, and Visual Studio is no longer compatible with it. Please upgrade your remote debugger to match Visual Studio.

So I need to update the image on the Micros SD to match 10240 ??

  • Reminder that after installing the ISO the FFU is at C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft IoT\FFU\RaspberryPi2


The Windows IoT Core Image Helper

PS After installing the  IoT TRPI2 tools on the dev machine reboot OS to get access to the above app.