Various versions available. :)

I elected to download Windows 10 (Multiple Editions) (x64) - DVD (English)
But it has downloaded about 10K of over 3G in several minutes.
* Scheduled to take 12 hours!

I also elected for a Multiple Activation key.

I have had much trouble with the insider versions of Windows 10 with my laptop including BSOD (random and frequent yesterday).
I hope a complete reinstall will solve this.

There are numerous versions available for download but most Enterprise versions are not available to my subscription.
But I have what was Universal and is now morphed into Enterprise level subscription ???
Does this mean that they aren't available at yet or is there some kind of error here ??? :(

The Raspberry PI 2 and MinnowBoard Max IoT versions are there as well.

.* Got to 1% whilst doing this blog!
First attempt failed. Got a small corrupt iso just after this was posted.