It was reported a little while ago that the gulf that divides ARM and x86 is narrowing.  ARM, especially if GPUs are bolted on are increasing in capability.  Intel ATOMs are being scaled down in power and size.  It was at the time suggested that PADs might sit in the middle and be implementable able using both.  It has now been announced that Intel Atoms have been scaled down and can be used in phones.

“Intel Corp. rolled out its latest Atom chip set, the 45nm Moorestown platform geared for use in the burgeoning market for smartphones and tablets. The new chip supports three mobile Linux variants, including Google's Android, but observers said the PC giant's next-generation 32nm chip set will compete more effectively for handset design wins.”

“The new SoC includes a 512 Kbyte L2 cache. Versions for smartphones run at up to 1.5 GHz, and ones for tablets run at up to 1.9 GHz.”

An x86 Phone .. you won’t see that as an iPhone!