Visual Studio 2015 Update 2 (V15,2)

Windows 10 Creators Fast Track (Build :16237)




I lost the ability to set the device Target so can’t download a UWP app to a Windows Phone or IoT-Core device.

In App Project Debug Settings I got an error:

An error occurred trying to load the page.

Exception from HRESULT: 0x89721500




This same problem had manifested itself in VS 2015 as well.


Initial Things Tried

I had logged this issue via Feedback from Visual Studio but thus far I haven’t got a need a solution from there.

  • I have tried resetting VS settings
    Devenv /ResetSettings  General
  • I have run setup and added and removed components/SDKs


Suggested Solution

Searches indicated that you need to remove a CoreCon folder. This “rings a bell” as we have had problems in the past with Visual Studio updates with deployment with Windows CE. The suggest ion is remove the folder:

C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Phone Tools\CoreCon\11.0

Or other versions (I had a 12.0 folder).


I backed up and removed all folders under CoreCon but it did not solve the issue. Thumbs downSad smile


My Solution

My Visual Studio 2017 installation had worked OK for some time. I had been able to deploy UWP apps to a Windows 10 (Creators) phone. I had though installed a variety of additional install options for the local Build conference. I had tried removing and reading some of these, restart of system etc. No luck


I then tried a Visual Studio Repair Install:


1. Run Visual Studio Installer from the start menu



2.Select the Hamburger icon as circled in:



3. Select Repair:



4. And then let it run


That fixed it for me:




Thumbs upSmile