Symptom: Cntrl Key and Fn Key don’t work

System: HP Probook 450G1

Without these keys you can’t do much development.


This has happened before in the Windows 10 timeframe. The Control key stop qualifying keystrokes .. and the function key did nothing as well.  I had to plug a small portable keyboard in for those keys. Last time it just “went away”!  I’m on the Windows 10 Insider Fast Track so thought was that maybe its an OS issue rather than hardware malfunction.


I did a search and one site talked about a symptom where the cntrl aand fn keys had swapped.
The suggested solution was powering down, removing the battery, reinserting it and powering up.


I checked with my system and sure enough the keys were swapped.  Weird!.

I tried the solution as above and ,, wait for it .. it worked! Smile Weird!