This blog is covers what I did downloading, setting up and getting the OS running


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  • I downloaded the zip file: I chose Hyper-V and Windows 10 Pro.
    It took me 3 tries (one due to a storm power failure) and lots of download time.
    Its 20 Gig!
  • Extracted the file to a suitable location.
    You get folders with content:
  • Snapshots
  • Virtual Hard Disks
  • And Virtual Machines
  • Opened Hyper-V Manager and chose Actions-Import Virtual Machine.
  • Browsed to the Virtual Machines folder and selected the folder.
    Nothing will show as selected but there is an XML file there (Inspect through File Explorer).
  • Once downloaded edited the VM settings, eg add a Network.
  • I found if I tried to run it now I ran into an error so I exited and rebooted.
  • I was then able to start and connect to the VM.
  • It then requested locality and related details.
  • In the next screen it requested a Windows Pro license key. I got a new one from my MSD subscription.
  • It then went to set up the OS, I used Express setting.
  • It asked for an account name and password. Couldn’t use my global Windows account, had to be local.
  • I chose Not Now for Cortana.
  • It then went for a restart.
  • I chose Full Screen and logged in.
  • I found that I had to rejig my network switch (delete my VS and create an new one) including restarting the VM after reconfiguring its network connectivity.
    ..I hadn’t used Hyper-V since upgrading to Windows 10.
  • I accepted making the OS visible on the local network so I could access it via Remote Desktop.
  • I was then able to set the user login to my global Windows one.
  • After verification of the above I then actioned updates as I was aware that there were some pending

Wala! Smile

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