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Application Builder for Windows Embedded Compact 2013 (with the latest fixes as of Sep 2015) provides the tools you need to develop applications that target Windows Embedded Compact 2013.  Is an update for Visual Studio 2012/13, not VS 2015





The Sep 2015 (11.0.50801 & 12.0.40625) release resolves the following issues:

  • COM registration for additional files is ignored.
  • Remote Directory for additional files is ignored.
The Mar 2015 (11.0.50730 & 12.0.40302) release resolves the following issues:
  • Now supports deploying of only a DLL.
  • Console window from msvsmon.exe takes foreground window.
  • Reference to interop DLL error.
The Sep 2014 (11.0.50729 & 12.0.30808) release resolves the following issue:
  • Execution and debugging a C++ application fails when the remote directory is changed.
The Aug 2014 (11.0.50728 & 12.0.30527) release resolves the following issues:
  • The Debug.Start Debugging option will delete the deployment directory contents.
  • You cannot deploy a class library to the device if the solution does not contain an executable project.
  • You cannot specify an external program to execute when run is clicked.



Going forward, Microsoft indicated there would be no more new versions of Windows Embedded Compact/CE, just bug fixes/updates and new features. Windows Embedded Compact 2013 is part of the Windows One Windows /IoT diagram; it comes in from the bottom. Microsoft did undertake to develop updated versions of Compact 2013 for use with later versions of Visual Studio. This is not an undertaking to develop new features with these updates. Just to enable development in the VS 2015 environment. A VS 2015 version of Compact 2013 is under development..