There is no console for a Windows 10 IoT device. They can though be remotely accessed in a variety of ways. This blog summarises these options:
PowerShell, Default App Web Console, FTP, Remote File System and Visual Studio Debugger.

Local Access

Applications running on a Win 10 IoT device, such as the default app, have access to APIs to the operating system, although as Universal Windows Apps they are somewhat sandboxed compared to raw Win32 apps. The default app display system configuration such as:

    • System Name
    • IP Address
    • Wireless Connectivity


The system driver interrogation APIs are covered in a number of blogs in this series. Local Storage will be covered in a subsequent blog. Win 10 IoT does not support a command shell. This blog is focused upon remote access to the file system and commands.

In what follows it assumes that the system is in its initial state. That is the system name is minwinpc, the administrator password is p@ssw0rd. For any series activity though, you would change these of course.

Remote Access

Options for remote access:

Web Console

  • http: \\<IP address of device>:8080 (Note port required)
  • No login required
  • Can view system performance etc
  • Can view loaded drivers under ACPI
  • Can view paired Bluetooth devices (and can pair new BT devices where no passkey required)


  • File Access
  • Read/Write
  • Login required:
  • Is to root of C drive


Remote File System

  • File Access
  • Read/Write
  • Remote file path:
    \\<IP address of device>\c$
  • Use File Explorer
    Need to Login:
  • Use Command Prompt
    Net use z: \\<IP address of device>\c$ /user:minwinpc\administrator p@ssw0rd
    Dir z:
  • Telnet

  • Not available
  • Might be possible as third party add on?


Run Powershell as administrator

  • Commands:

net start WinRM

set-Item WSMan:\localhost\Client\TrustedHosts -Value minwinpc

enter-pssession -computername minwinpc -credential localhost\administrator


Visual Studio

  • Can deploy and debug apps remotely from Visual Studio 2015 with IoT extensions installed.
  • <To Do>