The issues get partly resolved.. Please read on.

There were some issues with the August update. I posted this:

The August update stated that :

The Aug 2014 (11.0.50728 & 12.0.30527) release resolves the following issues:

· The Debug.Start Debugging option will delete the deployment directory contents.

· You cannot deploy a class library to the device if the solution does not contain an executable project.

· You cannot specify an external program to execute when run is clicked.


· I tested the first point and that hasn’t been fixed

· In an existing solution (One console app project and a DLL project on which it depends) if you right click on the DLL project in Solution Explorer, there’s no option to deploy it.
Also if there is only a DLL in the solution same applies, so point 2 hasn’t been resolved.

The issue in my previous post wrt being able to deploy and debug in other than \Temp hasn’t been resolved.

So I suggest that nothing has been resolved.

PS 12.0.30527 is the new installed version

My previous post on the matter was:

The August update for App Builder when extracted is in a folder named:


My query is, has the correct version been released?

Ie Is it actually a May version..or does it take 3 months to be released ???

The September Drop:

Just released is an updated version at the Download Center, that is labeled as Sep2014 (the zipfile contains a Aug folder).

I understand a checkbox along the lines of “Clear the remote folder” has been added in this latest (Sept) version.

Remaining Issues

WRT to the September drop Michael Verhagen (another EMVP) commented:

The update fixes a couple of issues, but one issue still remains open:

It was tested. Two things seems to be fixed:
  1. deploy to any remote directory now works.
  2. when deploy existing files like config files are no longer deleted automatically.

However there is one thing still not working. I think this should be a known issue since is pretty fundamental.

Cannot deploy .dll files in c++ native projects. Not able to tick the deploy checkbox in configuration manager for c++ dll projects. I also have a c++ console app that should load the dll in the solution.

This was possible in VS2008, not in VS2013.

To be clear. What we want to do is just to deploy a dll and debug that dll. Our application is already on target. That’s why we would like appbuilder to support deploy of just a dll project.

Michel Verhagen
Microsoft eMVP
Microsoft Embedded Partner

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