Hi all. My weekly blogs have been on hold for a while because I have been focused on porting an ARM BSP from Compact 2013. I will blog in these series of articles about my experiences. My blogs won't necessarily be a how-to nor be in a logical order (ie from start to finish) but will be a set of recollections about my experiences. We started with an OEM's SOM and its development board for which the source for the Compact 7 BSP was available. . The current status is that we are just about there with the port and its implementation on custom hardware.

  • SOM MPU: Texas Instruments AM335X. Actually AM3352, although the the development board has a AM3354 SOM.
  • BSP: A customized version of the TI AM33X Compact 7 BSP/Adeneo AM335X Compact 7BSP.

TI AM3352 Processor

The AM335X is a ARMV7 Cortex 8 single core MCU.

The 3354 has the 3D graphics coprocessor whereas the 3352 does not.. Our target system is an industrial controller so video is not required.