A new version will be released this week.  This supports device driver and open contexts as well as some "placeholders" for things like registry access within teh driver.  These will bring it in line with references to it in the book.

A subsequent version already being developed has some furether extensions (TBA).  The substituation engine is being rewritten.  Currently the source code in the project files have designated macros that get substituted for in the .NET string class function Replace().  The macfos are designated by #name# in the code.  For example #XXX#  is used for the stream prefix. #STREAMDRIVER# is substituted for by the chosen driver name.  etc.

In the new engine, the code files are structured as XML.  This simplifies things as code can be removed simply by making a node's inner html blank, replacing a node's inner text with a substitution etc.  This leads to a better engine in that is extensible, more robust etc.