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Win 10 IoT-Core: Dragonboard 410C from Arrow .. $75 and No international shipping cost this week–Updated

I just enquired and found there is no shipping costs for the DragonBoard™ 410c from Arrow THIS WEEK.

  • Cost $US75,

    No tax for international purchase(??)  but ..:

  • An invoice with exact charges will be issued once your order has shipped.
    Shipping and final taxes (if applicable) will be calculated when a shipment method has been selected.
    • Stock 600+  units when I purchased

Azure IoT Suite: Certified for IoT Devices & their OS

Certified for IoT devices have tested compatibility with the Azure IoT SDKs and are ready to be used in your IoT application. Specifically, we identify compatibility based on operating system platform and code language

Win 10 IoT-Core: Bluetooth Universal Windows Serial App–Update 1.2

This blog presents a Universal Windows App that connects to an embedded Bluetooth device over the Bluetooth Serial Profile using a genetic Bluetooth USB dongle. This app will run on both a Windows 10 IoT-Core devices such as a Raspberry PI2 and a Windows 10 Desktop. The blog covers in detail the key issues with pairing including where a passkey is required with a RPI2 as well as a Bluetooth primer. Update 1.2: One bug fix (was writing send text twice) and and one code improvement (menu returns DeviceInformation so no need to requery for it.)

Win 10 IoT Core: Raspberry PI 2 Native Serial is Live!

The serial pins on the Raspberry PI now have a driver in Windows 10 IoT Core on RPI2!

Win 10 IoT Core Universal Windows App: Azure Sensors: New Project on Codeplex [Update-1]

Publ2shed on Codeplex and GitHub. More details later:
Win10 IoT Core Universal Windows App runs on a Raspberry PI 2 (& desktop) that reads some sensors (on an Arduino board) saves to and from Azure Mobile Service

Win 10 IoT Core: FTDI Serial Driver–Headless Startup Task problem [Issue update]

In a previous blog I covered the use of the FTDI D2XX driver on a Windows 10 IoT Core Raspberry PI 2.  An issue arose with respect to Startup Tasks. Microsoft have looked into the issue.


Code to display the menu and its interactions.


The commands that the LCD display receives from the Universal Windows app.

Arduino LCDMenuSketch

An Arduino LCD Display as a Menu.

Win 10 IoT Core: Raspberry Pi 2 Peripherals – Serial (Update 3)

There are currently 2 reserved GPIO pins on the RPI2 that ordinarily are SOC (I call native) serial. A future Tx and Rx  but not at the moment. Serial is achieved on the RPI2 with Win 10 IoT Core via a USB-Serial device connected to a Host USB port on the RPI2. There are though limitations in that the widely used FTDI chipset is not supported by Microsoft, although we have a solution. An alternative is over Bluetooth but there is an issue there.

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