The Week or Two
That Was

                          DAVID JONES  V1.1                         

Some of the issues I have been looking at over the last week or so.


  1. Windows Insider Build 10.0.14367.0 has been made available to Fast Track Insiders for the phone and desktop. This is shaping up as a possible candidate for the "Anniversary Release", as there is much fan fare and trumpets from Microsoft about this edition. Anniversary Edition refers a major OS update, codenamed Redstone, for Windows 10 for all, scheduled for the northern summer. It also in parts has a 1607 moniker.  The Threshold release of Windows 10 had the 1511  moniker which meant 2015 – 11th Month (Nov). So 1607 would mean 2016 – July .. so it is possibly due out next month. Where this version of the OS has the third number as 14367, it seems that any 14XXX version is on the Redstone track. The Slow Track recently changed from 10XXX to 14XXX as well.

    See the list of changes etc her: Highlights in the latest blog for Insider Preview builds.

  2. History: 1511 Build was 10586, called Threshold and was released in November last year (2015) as an update to Windows 10 (RTM was Build 10.240).

  3. Note that if you wish to get the new OS in preview early but don't want he possible issues with Slow and Fast Tracks, you can take the Preview option in the Windows Insider App.

  4. Just accidently created a new term as a typo above: Winsider = Windows Insider .

  5. Windows Insider Build 10.0.14367.0 Mobile resolves an issue for phones that surfaced about 3 Fast OS versions ago (all in about one week). You could not deploy a UWP app to a phone with one of the errant OS builds from Visual Studio. Slow Track OS updates in the same time (at least the ones I tried) did not suffer the same fate. Win 10 Fast Track- If Phone app developer don’t install latest OS to Phone (Resolved)

  6. For Windows 10 IoT-Core, on GitHub there is a tool, as set of scripts, AppIntsall that, when appropriately configured for for an Appx package and run on an IoT-Core device, it can install the package's app on the device. It can autorun at startup when called by command script in \Windows\System32 pr be run directly, say from PowerShell. I've been looking at it and it turns out that that version doesn't work with that Insider versions of IOT-Core that are available. There is an alternative updated version.
  7. Win 10 IoT- AppX Installation Options–1 (Updated)
  8. Win 10 IoT- AppX Installation Options–2

  9. I have created a Windows 10 IoT-Core app that runs as a Web Browser that enables you to run the Device Manager Portal
    (the one you get by enter http://<the device's ipaddress>:8080 on local desktop):
    Win 10 IoT- AppX Installation Options–1 (Updated)
    It handles the login which is an issue with Sample WebBrowser app (IoTBrowser .. on which this app is based) as IoT-Core UWP doesn't support PopUps.

  10. There is an Windows Insider version of Office Mobile but you need to be an Insider and also using Office 360.

  11. Banged my head around this for a while until I had my DOH moment! Can you see the fault in this? (DayPivot is an array of Xaml pivots):
            for (int i = 1; i < DayPivot.Items.Count;; i++)

The problem was that I was get an unauthorized access app crash.
Then tried ( I was starting to get what the problem was here):

            for (int i = 1; i < DayPivot.Items.Count;; i++)

The  Solution: 

            int pivCount = DayPivot.Items.Count;
            for (int i = 1; i < pivCount; i++)

Next Edition: At the end of June