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CEFileWiz and StreamDriverWiz .. back to the future!

I've been working on building Mike Hall's CEFileWiz and StreamDriverWiz for CE 6 and for Windows Embedded Compact 7.

Windows Embedded Compact 7 CTP: First thoughts

I have had my first go with WEC7.  Here are some brief initial comments:

Windows Embedded Compact 7 CTP (Next Version of Windows CE)

Its out of the bag.. See Windows Embedded Compact 7 is available as a trial download under the Public Community Tech Preview program (Public CTP). Also: Download appears to be 8 Gig. ================ It requires Visual Studio 2008 SP1> Note VS 2010 has no support for devices, except Windows Phone 7 Mustn’t have Windows CE (any version) installed.   Platforms Freescale i.MX27  ARMv5 Freescale i.MX31  ARMv6 NEC NE1TB          ARMv6 Multiprocessor (MP) Samsung SMDK6410   ARMv6 Texas Instruments 3530 EVM2    ARMv7 ARMv4i support is not available in this release SH-4 is not supported in this release Virtual CEPC (vCEPC) replaces Device Emulator in this release BSPs · 3DS_iMX27:  ARMv5 · CEPC: x86 ...

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