This article covers using a Raspberry Pi running a RS4 version of IoT Core as the SurfPad, withe an Arduino devices as the Remote app. Connectivity for this is via Bluetooth..



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The desktop version of the app can be used on a Bluetooth enabled Raspberry Pi without modification with an RS4 version of the OS. RS4 is the upcoming Fall 2018 version of the OS and will be available when released, or can be obtained now through Windows Insiders.


RS4 OS’s have a build number 17XXX (which is OS Version 1803) whereas RS3, the Spring 2017 Creators Edition is build number 16299 (OS Version 1709).
NB  OS Version 1709 means released 9th month of 2017. 1803 means March 2018 (later) !!


You pair the Arduino device in the Device Portal, where you will be prompted to input the pin, which is typically 1234 for an Arduino Bluetooth Shield. You then set the Arduino device to use Bluetooth, by jumpering A0 to ground and fire it up. You need a suitable Bluetooth USB dongle with the RPI with the onboard Bluetooth disabled (for the RPI3) as discussed in a previous blog article.  You then deploy and run the RoundedBox app on the RPI and select [Setup Bluetooth] and in a short while the app will report its setup and to press [Back] and the app is then functional.