The last leg, of 8, of the world Build tour was held in Sydney this week. What can I say .. it was great. A lot of new and coming Creators features were covered, Insight into the latest Windows technologies was dished out. Here are some of the highlights and summary links.


Day 1

Build 2017 Videos On Channel 9

#MSBuildTour Tweets

My screen shots on OneDrive



If you would like to check out the video replay of the sessions, please visit Microsoft Australia You Tube. (Direct links at bottom of this page.)



The Team


Cloud Powered Clipboard”

  • CosmosDB provides a variety of data formats
  • Carnival Cruises: Azure Stack great for disconnected contexts
  • App Development:

WP_20170629_09_01_29_Pro[1]  WP_20170629_09_03_10_Pro[1] 


  • Modernize your app with UWP
    - Contribute to .NET and XAML Standards
    - Bring your app to Windows Store
    - Get an Azure Subscription
    - Try out Microsoft Cognitive Services
    Resources from


  • Principals of Bot Design:
  • PWA Its magic for web site. . Second activity for Hackathon.
    - Big performance improvements See the PWA performance improvement here
    - Off line capability through caching
    - Can also package as app in The Store
  • UWP apps are the future for Windows desktop development
    - Windows Bridge, formerly Centennial, can wrapper Win32 apps into a UWP app, that t can be “Stored”
    - App can then be extended to exploit Windows 10 Creators features
    - Have their own trust. Eh=g when a UWP app runs, no registry access. A bridged Win32 UWP app has its own “registry”
    - Win32 apps tend to use pipes that are a no-no for UWP so bridged apps have a “kind-of” pipe.
    - See second Hackathon activity
  • UWP Toolkit
    - The UWP Community Toolkit is a collection of helper functions,
    - custom controls
    - app services.
    - It simplifies and demonstrates common developer tasks building UWP apps for Windows 10. The toolkit is part of the .NET Foundation.
    - Microsoft/UWPCommunityToolkit  on GitHub
  • Fluent Design, 5 attributes



Day 2 image



The Activities

1. The shipping department has a fast, responsive, and powerful application for managing day to day duties

  • Progressive Web Apps: Speed up your web site responsiveness and allow for offline use with PWA

2. The product department has a modern, secure and forward-looking platform for managing product development life cycle

  • Windows Desktop Bridge(Centennial), Win32 App as UWP apps, using Win 10 API features,  Windows Hello Authentication

3. Consumers have a fun mobile experience

  • Xamarin Forms & AI, Image Capture and Cognitive Services

4. All platform services are integrated in one platform

  • Containers, Azure, Docker, CosmosDB, Kubernites, VSTS and Continuous Delivery.


Follow up links:


In Sydney, one person completed all four labs which wasn’t achieved elsewhere. His prize: One of the clown bow ties!



Build Tour Sydney 2017

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