I got the following message when I tried to publish a web site from Visual Studio (2015 U3) and when I tried to restart VS after a reboot yesterday:

Microsoft Visual Studio '-84' is not a valid value for property 'Width'.
'-84' is not a valid value for property 'Width'.

PS: Did you know that you can copy a popup dialog’s text with cntrl-C (as above) when selected.


After doing a Bing search I found this on Stackoverflow:


The first answer was my solution.

Evidently it has something to do with Multiple monitors.Thumbs up

  • Close Visual Studio if running
  • Run RegEdit
  • Under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\VisualStudio search for MainWindow
  • F3 until under version 14.0 (VS 2015)
  • Delete key entries (yeah this worked for me) with window dimensions that have a negative value.
  • Restart Visual Studio.




Hope tis helps someone.

Thx to Alex!