The previous blog explained what needs to be done to be able to deploy and debug apps with latest build for IoT-Core (Build 10586). On the Microsoft IoT forums it was reported by some that if they didn’t set up as in the previous blog they got a pin request. This blog provides some detail as to how the Universal (Unencrypted Mode) authentication works. It also explains why some got the PIN request.



The previous blog: Win 10–IoT Core- Visual Studio 2015 Update 1 App Deployment and Debug Requirements –1

Microsoft IoT Forum:


  • The new model uses SSH to copy over files and run commands.
  • SSH requires a Username/password to login. A default password for debugger has been hardcoded which Visual Studio knows.
  • This change is in the 10586 build.
  • If the login attempt from VS fails, VS will prompt for a PIN (password) to login. So if you weren’t setup as required you got a pin request.