Recently I had a query with respect to getting the Sparkfun Bluetooth Mate by a person from China. I wondered if there are any shipping embargos. I enquired at Sparkfun and this is the reply:



I sent a query to Sparkfun and got the following response:

Sometimes international shipping problems can occur when a customer chooses a shipping option like International Economy shipping, which is not tracked and not insured. Other shipping options are more reliable. For the most part we are able to get our customers from China their orders without problems.

No mention here of export restrictions


eg SparkFun Bluetooth Modem - BlueSMiRF Silver

Its does say at the top:

This product has some level of export control/restriction, so may be delayed by 2-3 business days when shipping outside the United States. Contact us with questions, or we will contact you after you place your order.



Further reply from Sparkfun:

This item is export controlled by the United States government. By law, we are required to gather the some information from the importer regarding the use and location where the item will be used. We will contact you with questions after your order is placed.