Convert Android, IOS and Win 32 code for apps into Universal Windows Store apps. You can also take a hosted web app and package it up and deliver it via The Store.

Explore The Four Bridges To The Future

“Microsoft is creating the world’s best app store, and bridges are an integral part of the plan. Bridges – announced at the BUILD2015 conference in May – are hosted web apps that run primarily on the Web but are packaged and distributed via the Windows Store.”  .. Microsoft Bizspark Newletter Aug 2015

  • Project Westminster allows you to agnostically convert web apps and distribute them through the store.

Three additional apps target specific platforms:

  • Project Astoria lets you convert Android apps into Universal Windows Store apps,
  • Project Islandwood allows you to use Apple iOS code to create Universal Windows Store apps by importing Objective-C into Visual Studio.
  • Project Centennial helps you convert traditional Windows programs developed for the Win32 API into Universal Windows Store apps.