At Build 2015 in San Francisco this week, there has been a large range of announcements wrt Windows 10. The topic of interest here is "Windows 10 IoT Core Insider Preview" as a public release of this for this for the Raspberry Pi 2 was much anticipated. That is now available. The IoT sessions indicate that it is now available not only for that but for a number other contexts. Mention was made of it running on other (yet unreleased) contexts, such as the BeagleBone Black!

The link for downloads and how to get started is:  
(Update) Hint: You have to take the survey on Connect and accept the terms before getting access to the downloads.


The versions available from that link is:

  • ​The RPI2 and Minnow run the Windows 10 IoT Core, the 3rd (bottom) of Windows 10.
  • Windows Remote Arduino allows the control of an Arduino board through a Bluetooth or USB connection from a Universal app running on, say, a Windows 10 Phone or Desktop.
  • Windows Virtual Shields for Arduino abstracts (or virtualizes) Arduino libraries up into a Universal App on a Windows 10 device. This includes the Arduino wire library.
  • The Galileo runs a headless IoT version of Windows 8.1 with an Arduino IO profile

Build IoT Sessions

The Keynote (some IoT): Day One Keynote Presentation

Sessions with the IoT tag:

Two pivotal ones are:


If you find the time to try any of these can you please blog your experiences here as comments (you'll need to login). Any setup/configuration  issues.

  • Any runtime issues.
  • Any solutions to the above. Any hints.
  • Or even a brief history of what you did. 
  • Also if you arrive at any key understandings wrt this content from the Build session videos can you also post these as comments here.

Thx David Jones