IoT Azure Mobile Services Windows Embedded Compact 2013 is available at

It can Post and Get Telemetry data to an Azure Mobile Service (AzMS) table. The app can parse the JSON string returned from the HTTP request to the service. The app is in native code. There is also a deskstop equivalent project (same source code) as well as a Universal App that runs on the desktop Surface RT and Win Phone; all utilize the same AzMS table.


Using CEJSON with Compact 2013

You will need

  • Visual Studio 2014 (Update 4)
  • App Builder installed, get the latest.
  • An SDK for your target Compact 2013 Device.
    • You might wish to use the x86 VCEPC so here is its SDK. <ToDo>
    • A sample ARM SDK is here <ToDo>.
  • Your target will need Corecon running on your target device.
    • You might like to autolaunch Corecon (and keep it running forever)  with *CoreconForever* as part of CECompactToolsExtras
      • You will also need your target's IP Address
  • Or you can manually transfer the compiled app using a memory stick.
    • I have used FTP to transfer the app and Telnet to run it.
    • These of course require FTP and Telnet services to be included in the OS,
  • You will need an Azure Mobile Service and a Version 1 AzMS Table
    • See "Version One of Azure Mobile Services Tables"   at here.



  • Download and extract the project.
  • Open the project in Visual Studio 2013 (Update 4)
  • Update the AzMS URL, the AzMS App key and AzMS Table name in JSONGetPost.h
  • Build the project.
  • Run the app from Visual Studio (Debugging ). It will request the IP Address of your device.
  • The app will take some command line parameters:
    • CEJSON {POST|GET|PATCH|DELETE}  <Sensor Name> <Sensor integer value>
      • Post post a new sensor value using the sensor name and value. It also parses the JSON string response.
      • Get gets the whole table and parses the JSON string response
      • Patch will update a record, but is not yet implemented.
      • Delete will delete a record but is not yet implemented.