Summary: Make .NET CF the same as desktop .NET

As things stand, .NET CF is a subset of the full .NET plus a few extra features relevant to mobile devices.There are actually three modes of use of .NET:

  • Embedded/Mobile devices
  • Desktop
  • Servers

One advantage of .NET , besides the access to .NET libraries, on Windows CE devices (which is multi-CPU) is that you generally don't need to rebuild for different CPUs.  It would be even better if desktop .NET applications (with no PInvoke) could seemlessly run on Windows CE devices.  In the past the argument was that .NET CF needed to be compact because of storage limitation.  That is no longer the case.

So my pitch is:

How about a light version of .NET that runs on Windows 7 desktops and Windows CE devices seemlessly.  The server aspects of .NET could be stripped. 

When you now create a desktop ,NET application, you already have the ability to use a lighter weight version of .NET (without such things as ASP.NET).  So how about a version that would seemlessly run can both systems?

An aside:
Did you know that you could run .NET CF apps on the desktop provided CE specifics are not used  (was available from  version 1 or 2 of .NETCF) .  Just build a .NET CF app in Visual Studio, for say, CE 5 target, then run the app from the project's bin directory on the desktop!