The Kit as supplied to Round 2 participants in the embedded Spark 2010 Summer Challenge: Build a media device using Windows Embedded Standard 2007



The Advantech AIMB-212 Kit

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  1. The Kit in container box
  2. The kit opened
  3. The kit opened.. again
  4. The board from front
  5. The board from left side
  6. The board from the back
  7. The board from above and back
  8. The board from right side
  9. The board from below
  10. From Below again (better picture)
  11. The board from above
  12. The cables
  13. Cables again
  14. The box to be assembled
    1. A nice simple Perspex assembly
  15. The power pack and cables
    • Note Car lighter adapter at top
    • Main power lead at bottom
    • The power adapter in middle and Regulated 12v cable (goes to board)
    • Alternative connectors
  16. The power pack from front
    • Note Can set output voltage
    • Set to 12V for board.. Maybe tape over so it can’t be changed
    • Can be used with laptop requiring higher voltages
      1. But check power output v That required by laptop
      2. Can get very hot if overused
  17. The Power Pack from behind with lighter connector and mains cables attached
  18. 116 again
  19. ..and again
  20. 115 again
    • Note USB power supply .. That’s out not a third possible input
  21. The Software
    1. Windows Embedded Standard 7
    2. Board drivers etc
    3. USB key
  22. 120 again
  23. Board manual P1
  24. Board Manual P2
  25. Board Manual P3
  26. Board Manual P4
  27. Board Manual P5
  28. The box ready for assembly