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Whilst I'm not exiting from here, I've created a new blog site from the ground up to have all of the features I want.

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UWP C#: Reflection: Get list<subclass> from list<class>.

In creating a custom  XAML UserControl, a need arose to make use of generics with the UserControl class. The control is based upon the XAML AutoSuggestionBox control and  implements a quick lookup of a user from an app supplied list of users. The control uses Linq queries to efficiently search through a list of  type User using Name and Id properties. The search can be on partial name completion or on user’s initials. So as to allow the use of a broad range of  list types for the supplied user list, as provided in the UserControl’s hosting app, the app’s user type needs to implement a specific set of properties that are used in queries and so it must implement a specific interface (called IUser). It would have been nice to have parameterised the UserControl class using generics to specify the list of users’ data type as the apps user type and constrain it to implement the interface using generics. But the custom UserControl class does not permit generics.   Consider the following: ...

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(Part 3/3) Refactoring a Multipage Xamarin.Forms app: Reflection listing of classes in a namespace

Q. How do you get a list of classes under a namespace without instantiating those classes: Reflection

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(Part 2/3) Refactoring a Multipage Xamarin.Forms app: MetaInformation

Q. How can you add meta-information, such as a description, to a class and return it without instantiating the class? Read on …

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(Part 1/3) Refactoring a Multipage Xamarin.Forms app: XAML Namespace Mapping

Q. What do those xmlns namespace directives at the root of an XAML page mean? Read on …

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Entity Framework Core with UWP and SQLite Revisited: Some Notes on Scaffolding

Some notes on adding and removing migrations in Entity Framework core.

EF Code First approach (Create class/es first)

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Entity Framework Core with UWP and Sqlite Revisited: Step by step

Entity Framework, in Code First Manner, can auto-generate the scaffolding for accessing a database from an app from an app’s model class. In a previous blog I covered some issues wrt using Entity Framework Core with a Universal Windows (Platform) app with a Sqlite backend database. The entities are specified as classes in in a .Net Core class project separate to the app project (within the same solution). The issue addressed in that blog was a problem referencing the class library from the UWP project. This blog revisits the same topic with an emphasis upon the steps required to implement an EF Core backed UWP app.

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Build Mantra: Any Developer. Any App. Any Platform

SurfPad: UWP Bluetooth to Bluetooth Connectivity Solved

The SurfPad project as on GitHub and is a UWP app that runs on a touchscreen Windows device. It runs as the configurable UI for an app running on an embedded device such as an Arduiino device or a Raspberry Pi (running IoT Core).. The frontend sends single characters as commands (representing button presses) whereas the backend returns responses as text strings, representing sensor data that the remote device has determined. So the communication data is textual. The communication between the two devices can be a network sockets client-server conduit, USB Serial or Bluetooth Serial. Whilst Bluetooth Serial works OK between a Windows 10 desktop (or IoT Core) as the frontend and an Arduino device as the remote backend, using an IoT Core device as the backend has been shown to be problematic. This article presents an alternative based upon Bluetooth RFComm Chat client –server architecture, which does work.

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SurfPad: Index


How about reimagining an old Surface etc, to be used as the UI for a remote app running on an Arduino or RPi. UI runs as a touch based UWP app and communicates …

Index of articles ..

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