Early this week I was checking new products from DMP on their 86Duino website and I could not resist buying an 86Duino-ONE (every hardware web site should have a “Shop” section). I received the packet from Taipei just in time to play during the Week End.

Installation USB drivers on my Windows 8.1 machine required cancelation of driver's signature verification (check this post in the forum). These USB drivers are the unique software module to install, the development tool simply run after unzip. I never used the Arduino environment before but the programming model is trivial and samples are very educational. In less than 15 minutes I was able to blink the LED on the board, and 30 minutes was enough to control a servomotor.


The image above is from a short video where I connected the board to a 800mAH LiPo battery to test power levels. The standalone 86Duino-ONE uses 200mA and the servo ensemble as shown in the video uses 250mA.

Aside the Ardunio environment, all C++ sources to implement the hardware interface are made available Open Source.

Next step will be to use the micro SD card to run some 32bit Operating System and why not program with Visual Studio… stay tuned!!