I've been using the version of Windows 8.1 on Galileo for a few month and one issue I faced is the incomplete overlap of the Win32 API set on this Platform compared to the Desktop version.

If you write a non existing function in your code, the behavior is puzzling: Visual Studio will build the EXE file which runs on the Desktop, but when you launch it on the board nothing happens, no message, no debug.

In order to facilitate the process of discovery I recently found the following technique:

  1) Using FTP, download the C:\Windows\System32\kernel32.dll file on your PC

  2) Open this DLL with DEPENDS.EXE 

  3) Check the available functions in the export list...


For exemple you will see DeleteTimerQueueTimer but neither DeleteTimerQueue nor DeleteTimerQueueEx.


WARNING: Some API are present in the export list but they are empty, examples... CreateProcess or GetCurrentProcess