My mobile phone was an old 4 years old Wimo 5.0 and I had to change it. As Phone7 was made available last week in France I got a brand new LG once they were available in stores. Here are my first impressions:
  • OS version: 7.0.7004.0 (yes wer'e on embedded101)
  • This definitely is a "cloud" terminal, I got my face on the screen from the minute I entered my Windows live ID, in the store...
  • This is such a "cloud" terminal that it does not even synchronize with Outlook, I had to push all my contacts to my Live account, and my agenda is still "in the middle of nowhere". I'm really surprised because I saw "Outlook hubs" in the review videos, do they use EMEA as a field test, like "let's see what happends when they can't synchronize..." (YES I was angry, almost brought back the phone to the store, lucky it was closed at night).
  • The experience with the touch interface is awesome, Phone7 really is what I expected from my Zune HD experience (add a phone, wireless and a camera). Same impression with the image & sound quality.
  • The 5Mpixl camera is fine, it does not replace a real camera but the interface "shoot & see" is perfect. One issue in the photo menu: Supress is just next to Upload to Skydrive, and the latter does not ask for confirmation, therefore I often upload rubbish...
  • The so-called "Hubs" give an interesting user experience: simple, easy to access, informative and discrete. The exact opposite of WiMo.
  • Configuring the parameters is intuitive, same as POP mail account (remember I could not synchronize with Outlook)
  • "Internet Explorer" and "Maps" run smoothly, I'm already opening my laptop less frequently. At the end Mobile Internet should win.
  • Gaming experience is great, this is the only thing I ever used on an iPad and the quality is comparable.
Conclusion: after a week I already can't live without it!