I definitely preferred the name "Athens" but I guess we won't hear it anymore from Microsoft... I was able to boot Windows 10 on a Rasberry Pi2 following the instructions on the github.

The first boot is quite long (be patient, something like 10 or 15 minutes) while the RPi2 shows a lot of Ethernet activity. When I got the information screen, I tried the PowerShell connection as indicated but it failed... I guess I'll have to make another try, but this only seems to be necessary to modify the default password (oups! sorry I almost just revealed it...).

As I've been using Windows 8.1 IoT on Galileo for a while, I tried an HTTP connection to the RPi2 and it worked fine, the local HTTP server Web Manager is quite complete with:

  • Status
  • Apps
  • Processes
  • Performance
  • Debugging
  • ETW Realtime
  • Perf Tracing
  • Device Manager
  • Networking

It looks like you can manage most of the system configuration from here.

Next step is to try VS2015 development with the remote debugger.... stay tuned.