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CTO and co founder of THEORIS, Thierry Joubert is working on embedded systems design and real time software since the early 80's. In parallel with his missions of expertise for industrial companies, he and his team at THEORIS organise courses and technical seminars in engineering schools and universities. In year 2011, Thierry co-authored a book on Windows Embedded Compact 7.

Thierry has an engineering degree in computer science from Ecole Centrale de Nantes - France.

Plant Watering System monitored with Azure

Before my summer vacations, I decided to build a watering system for my decorative trees. The soil moisture is measured with a cheap IoT sensor and the water supply uses 12V airpumps pushing air in water bottles (this makes a safe separation between electric and water circuits), the electronic schema is as follows:

The 86Duino Educake computer monitors the humidity level once a day and will pump water if the level is too low, it sends data to Azure therefore I'll be able to see how things are going on...

Azure Mobile service to monitor server temperature

At THEORIS our server room temperature is controlled by an A/C unit, but we are facing two issues: 
1- In summer the room temperature may go above 30°C, requiring extra cooling capacity.
2- In case of a power cut the A/C does not restart automatically, a user action is required.

We solved these two issues with a connected IoT solution based on an ICOP Educake and Azure Mobile Service.

Tracking cat's activity with Azure Mobile services

Following a cat's activity is not an easy task, Azure Mobile Services makes it possible with the help of a dedicated intelligent IoT system and REST appications.

First contact with Windows 10 IoT core insider preview

A Windows 10 IoT core image is now available for the Raspberry Pi2 ARM board, when Windows 10 IoT core is running you can establish an HTTP connection to access the Web Manager and see the configuration and activity on the board.

Update on CELOADER v1.3.0

Slight change in CELOADER v1.3.0: new algorithm to handle the TFTP ACK receive delay.

CELOADER version 1.3.0 will retry on TFTP failure

CELOADER v1.2.0 sometimes freezes during the transfer because TFTP packet are lost, version v1.3.0 solves this problem by re-transmitting faulty TFTP packets.

Win32 coverage on Galileo

Win32 on Galileo is smaller than the Desktop Win32, here is a quick technique to find if a Win32 function is available on Galileo.

First contact with 86Duino ONE

In December 2013, DMP released new platforms based on the Vortex86 architecture and compatible with the well known Arduino programming model. I ordered one of these platforms and made my first tests during the week end.

New version of CEloader

I’m now using CEloader since a year and I have a collection of binary files in my CEloader folder… time for some automation !!

In order to be able to script the tool - in BAT files for example - I added the name of the BIN to be downloaded as first argument. The target ID is now moved as the second argument.

No argument parsing (yet), if you want to filter on a target name you need to give the image file name first (it may be NK.bin).

The update (binary and source code) is on the celoader project on codeplex.

Minor modification in celoader v1.1.2

The ceolader tool now releases NK.bin after TFTP


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