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Windows 10 Iot of Raspberry Pi 2 First look

Windows 10 IoT version is the latest lightweight flavor directed at small embedded devices. Previewed at Build 2015 and prereleased as “Windows Core Insider Preview”. it will be interesting to see just how this product will be received. This initial released is directed at the “Maker” community which is quite a change for Microsoft as this segment is not perceived as a large profit center unlike its traditional targets. While the Raspberry Pi is a very popular platform in the Maker community it is still mostly used for small “one of” type projects. It is popular in academic circles and used by many institutions as an introduction platform for beginner programmers. Unfortunately the hardware is very “closed source”, there are no schematics or PCB layout information available and virtually no information on the SoC chip used. True it is a powerful quad core 900Mhz ARM Cortex-A7 processor from Broadcom but if you look on their web site you won’t find any mention of the part nor any information on the part what ...

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Windows 10 IoT Systems

Various scenarios were presented for Windows 10 IoT at Build 2015. In all cases, the object is to have a Windows 10 device, whether desktop, mobile or embedded/IoT, talking to custom hardware and to the cloud. The “reference” design for hardware from a Makers’ perspective is Arduino. Let’s examine the scenarios.

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About Windows 10 IoT

Windows 10 IoT is the third (lower) layer of Windows 10. All three are built from the same codebase, part of Microsoft’s one Windows mantra. Whilst the desktop will have significantly more features than the IOT layer, the IoT layer will embedded features such as General Purpose IO (GPIO) which the desktop doesn’t. The Phone layer will support cellular networks for phone calls whereas the other two only support this for internet access. Apart from the common code, a binding feature of all three is Universal Apps.

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Vishal Narayan Saxena, Microsoft Azure MVP, join Embedded101

We are happy to have Vishal join the Embedded101 community, a member of the board to help guide and expand the community.

As a Microsoft Azure MVP, a recognized professional with passion and expertise in Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform, Vishal bring his expertise to help expand the Embedded101 community’s coverage to target “Azure Enabled IoT Development”.

Vishal received the Azure Most Valuable Professional recognition from Microsoft in 2014.

.Net Micro Framework and regular expressions … “out of range exception” !

Developing a new library for accessing to the Microsoft Azure Service Bus (event hubs, queues, topics / subscriptions) based on AMQP (and AMQP .Net Lite library) I came across a bug in the code of the regular expression in the .Net Micro Framework.


The bug occurred by chance, when I had a "connection string" in which there was the "SharedAccessSignature" field that has a value when we use the AMQP connection with CBS (Claim Based Security); for example when we publish to a "publisher" endpoint in the event hubs with a SAS-based security token.

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2015 Global Azure Bootcamp @ Santiago Canyon College

Global Azure Bootcamp (GAB) is a one day world-wide event, driven by Microsoft Azure experts and community enthusiasts, to help developers new to Azure as well as experienced developer, to learn and share knowledge about Azure. 2015 marks the 3rd year for this event with 183 worldwide locations to host the event on the same date, on April 25th, 2015. While this is the first year we hosted the GAB event at Santiago Canyon College (SCC), this is the 2nd time we hosted similar event to serve the academic as well as the general developer community in Southern California. In May of 2014, we hosted the \\publish\ event at SCC, working with Microsoft product team, a global hackathon with more than 60 worldwide event locations, to assist new as well as experienced developers to develop, complete and publish their Windows Phone and Windows Store apps. Big Thank You to Von Lawson and Ron Kessler at Santiago Canyon College. The GAB event at SCC would not have been possible without the help from these two in ...

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First contact with Windows 10 IoT core insider preview

A Windows 10 IoT core image is now available for the Raspberry Pi2 ARM board, when Windows 10 IoT core is running you can establish an HTTP connection to access the Web Manager and see the configuration and activity on the board.

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Windows 10 IoT Core Insider Preview

At Build 2015 in San Francisco this week, there has been a large range of announcements wrt Windows 10. The topic of interest here is "Windows 10 IoT Core Insider Preview" as a public release of this for this for the Raspberry Pi 2 was much anticipated. That is now available. The IoT sessions indicate that it is now available not only for that but for a number other contexts

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Netduino boards : the new “third” generation now with integrated Wi-Fi

Now … I can write something !! Smile


About two weeks ago I received a great present from Secret Labs (thanks to Chris Walker) … the new Netduino 3 Wi-Fi board !

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2015 Global Azure Bootcamp - Azure Enabled IoT Development

On April 25, 2015, the Global Azure Bootcamp will be take place at approximately 190 locations worldwide.

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