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Win 10 IoT Core: Raspberry Pi 2 Peripherals - Introduction

Whilst the Raspberry Pi 2 has extensibility through GPIO, I2C, SPI and Single wire, the main interface for adding off-the-shelf  peripherals is via USB. Unlike the desktop, there is though only a limited set of USB peripherals that can be used on the RPI2 running Windows 10 IoT in the first release. This series of articles looks at what is available and what the overarching issues are. The first Article is “Connected Devices”

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Win 10 IoT Core: Raspberry Pi 2 Peripherals - Connected Devices (Updated)

Peripheral devices can be connected to the Raspberry PI 2 via the four USB host ports. The connected devices can be examined in a number of ways. This blog examines these methods.

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Windows 10 Phone Update 10512–Are we there yet?

My Lumia 930 Windows phone just updated to OS version 10.0.10512.1000 (10512). I’m on the Insider Fast Track so is this the RTM or close to it? The desktop and IoT versions of Windows 10 are 10240 so it will be interesting to see where this stands.

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QP framework running under WEC2013

I was able to compile the QP framework and have it run on a Windows Embedded Compact 2013 ARM device (i.e. the Beaglebone). For those not familiar with this framework I invite you to look at the following website

In a nutshell QP is a great framework for event-driven application development based on Hierarchical State Machine (HMS) model. While this framework has great utility mostly on “bare-metal” single-chip microcontrollers it can be applied (and works very well thank you) on OS based and PC processors.

There is also a nice PC based modeling tool (QM) that allows you to graphically construct your state charts and generate C/C++ code from such.

QP was actually named one of 2015’s Top Innovative Products by Embedded Computing Design.

Source code and more on this topic coming soon.

Windows Universal Store apps from Android, IOS, Win32 code and package web apps for The Store

Convert Android, IOS and Win 32 code for apps into Universal Windows Store apps. You can also take a hosted web app and package it up and deliver it via The Store.

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(Updated) Windows 10 - Phone: VS 2015 RTM can't deploy to current build of phone

I've blogged about an issue that has arisen with respect to the fact that the phone has not RTM yet and is stuck on build 10160 whereas the desktop Win 10 has RTMed and is build 10240; as is the Windows SDK. This problem is now solved.
Visual Studio 2015 has RTMed also. Win 10 RTM with VS 2015 RTM can't deploy to the current build of the phone (10160).

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Win 10 IoT Core: Universal app - Porting a VS 2015 RC Universal CS app project to RTM-The changed files

The following is an identification of the changed project files for an RC version of a Universal App with the RTM version of the project.

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Win 10-IoT: Universal app - Porting a VS 2015 RC Universal CS app project file to RTM

The following is the comparison of the project files contents (.csproj) for a RC version of a Universal App with the RTM version of the project

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Azure SB Lite ... finally on Nuget !

Finally my Azure SB Lite library is online on Nuget but ... it was a long story :-) The last month, I decided to put this library on Nuget for all people that don't like to compile source code from CodePlex and want to use it immediately. When I tried to upload the package, I received the "package id alredy used" error ! What ? Why ? Who ? Is there another library with same name ? After few minutes I found that Sebastian Brandes (Microsoft Evangelist from Denmark) already uploaded it on Nuget in June (of course, he set me as "author") and it was downloaded by 45 people. I contacted him who explained me that the library was useful to his project (thanks!) and that the right place for all other people was on Nuget (for much friendly usage). Right ! However, we decided that I should be the owner of the package so after about one month (Sebastian was on vacation) and Nuget support ... today I re-uploaded the library ! I have to thank Sebastian for all his eff ...

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Windows 10 RTM VS 2015 RTM and UWP (Universal) Apps–”Are we there yet!”

Windows 10 RTM and Visual Studio 2015 RTM are up and running including UWP(Universal) apps. I’m happy now.  There is though a problem with UWP(Universal) app RC projects. Also, Windows Remote Arduino is simple to update.

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