I was able to compile the QP framework and have it run on a Windows Embedded Compact 2013 ARM device (i.e. the Beaglebone). For those not familiar with this framework I invite you to look at the following website http://www.state-machine.com/

In a nutshell QP is a great framework for event-driven application development based on Hierarchical State Machine (HMS) model. While this framework has great utility mostly on “bare-metal” single-chip microcontrollers it can be applied (and works very well thank you) on OS based and PC processors.

There is also a nice PC based modeling tool (QM) that allows you to graphically construct your state charts and generate C/C++ code from such.

QP was actually named one of 2015’s Top Innovative Products by Embedded Computing Design.

Source code and more on this topic coming soon.