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Windows Embedded Compact IoT and Wifi

Any good Internet of Things (IoT) platform requires good WIFI support.Anyone looking for WIFI support in WEC, especially under ARM, knows how frustrating this can be. Sure there were a few token legacy drivers out of the box but these, for the most part, were already out of production. Under WEC2013 it gets even tougher as WEC2013 broke binary compatibility with previous versions of the OS. As many previous OS WIFI drivers were only supplied in binary form, this meant drivers written for CE 6 or WEC7 and supplied in binary form will not work under WEC2013. If you were fortunate enough to have the source you could just recompile it and chances are it may work in WEC2013. We in the MVP community voiced strong feedback to Microsoft and the WEC development team expressing the need for more and better WIFI support. I guess someone was listing as they threw us a bone. We were told the WL127X WIFI drivers from TI were going to be supplied, in source form on several occasions. Unfortunately they backed peddled and o ...

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Beaglebone Internet of Things BSP gets ADC support.

One of the essential hardware interfaces needed for any good IoT platform is an analog input. Many sensors output a low level voltage proportional to the measured signal. For example, a temperature sensor may output a voltage of 0 to 3 volts for temperature values from 0 to 80 degrees Celsius. A nice feature of the AM335x processor used on the BeagleBone is that it already incorporates an 8 channel 12bit Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) on chip. The ADC is mainly used for the touch screen interface for LCD displays but the extra channels can also be used as general purpose analog inputs. The open source Windows Embedded Compact BSP is available on Codeplex at Beaglebone BSP. The standard driver used the ADC exclusively for touch screen so I had to make several modifications to allow for general purpose use. This involved pulling out all the ADC setup and scanning to a dedicated ADC driver. The touch samples were then shared with the touch driver, which runs on a different thread, through a message queue. T ...

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  1. Re: Windows Embedded Compact 2013 on Beaglebone gets IoT sample

    Please contact me regarding a full installation of this BSP for WINCE2013, and what is necessary for...

    -- Aaron Peterson

  2. Re: BeagleBone BSP code clean up

    Hi David, Interest in the fully version of the image. Please let me know the commercials. I need clarification...

    -- CB

  3. Re: BeagleBone BSP gets several improvements

    Hi David, How can I get a full version (without reboot) of your image available for demonstration?

    -- Marco Aurélio Braun

  4. Re: Low power operation on the community IoT Beaglebone BSP (Part 1)

    Hello , dvescovi . Because of Job , I use your Beaglebone black BSP which is helpful for me . I want...

    -- KevinHsu

  5. Re: Yet Another Gotcha: Compact 7 Update

    Hi David, Would you please contact me regarding the wince7 BSP for the BBB? I have a few LCD Capes...

    -- trialsrideraz

  6. Re: Yet Another Gotcha: Compact 7 Update

    Seems MS may have posed a new updated ISO on MSDN. For those without a subscription, you are still out...

    -- dvescovi

  7. Re: Power management on the Beaglebone part 2–Battery

    Hi David, First of all thanks for this, blog it's been very useful. Before I go ahead and solder anything...

    -- Juanes1220

  8. Re: More improvements for Beaglebone BSP

    Thank you for the fixes. The latest version builds under WEC7! Yay! Next .. have to try deploying it...

    -- OzFlipper

  9. Re: Windows Embedded Compact 2013 on Beaglebone gets IoT sample

    Of course, I meant the WEC2013 SDK ... see what happens when you work with too many bits at the same...

    -- OzFlipper

  10. Re: Windows Embedded Compact 2013 on Beaglebone gets IoT sample

    Hi David. First, thank you for what must have been a huge amount of work. I have been trying to install...

    -- OzFlipper

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