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Part-4: Compact 2013 Application Development with VS2013 and C#

In part-4 of this getting started series, we will talk about the application development environment for Compact 2013 and work through the steps to develop a console C# application from Visual Studio 2013 IDE and deploy the application to the target device, EduCake, for testing and debug.

Part-2: Compact 2013 OS Design Development

Whether you are working with Linux, Windows or other RTOS, develop custom OS runtime image for a targeted hardware platform, without help from efficient development tool, is a daunting, tedious and time consuming task.  To help simplify the complexity in developing custom Compact 2013 OS runtime image, Microsoft provides the Platform Builder suite of tools, a set of free plug-in for the Visual Studio 2012 and 2013 IDE, available for download from Microsoft website.

In part-2 of this Compact 2013 getting started series, we will work through the steps, using the Platform Builder plug-in for Visual Studio 2013, to develop an OS design project and generate an OS runtime image for a target device.

Compact 7 Getting Started Part-9: Deploy OS Image to Target Device

In part-9 of this getting started series, we will work through the process to deploy an OS image to an x86 device to support application development, using an eBox-3300MX (eBox) as the target device.

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