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2009 Imagine Cup Worldwide Final Egypt – Event Summary

For 2009, twenty student teams from the following countries were invited to compete in the Embedded Development Worldwide final.

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2009 Imagine Cup Worldwide Final Egypt – Day 2

This year, twenty student teams from the following countries were invited to compete in the Embedded Development Worldwide final: Team OpenLab from Brazil Team Bamboo & Papyrus from Canada Team iSee from China Team MedBox from Egypt Team ESIEark from France Team IT WizKids from India Team Pendekar Asyik from Indonesia Team CLFS from Japan Team Wafree from Korea Team Brainy Brownie and the Marvelous Thinker Threats from Mexico Team Krejzi Dzepetto from Poland Team bdpq from Romania Team SoundStreamers from Russia Team Infusion from Singapore Team SAS-EN from Sri Lanka Team SEEDS from Taiwan Team AST from Turkey Team Intellectronics from Ukraine Team uUH from United Kingdom Team PARV from United States On the day 2, there were two rounds of competition for the Embedded Development invitational.  After these two rounds of competition, 6 teams were selected to advance to the final round of competition which took place on day 3. The six teams selected to advance to the final round of ...

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2009 Imagine Cup Worldwide Final – First day

The Worldwide final in Egypt was an amazing event, fills will excitement and full of energy.  The opening ceremony was held outdoor in the evening a the Citadel, one of the famous historic landmark in Egypt.  Attendees were transported to the Citadel early and had a chance to look around the Citadel.

Here is a short video on YouTube that provide a recap of the first day for the Imagine Cup Worldwide final.

Opening ceremony stage and sitting area.

Attendees roaming around before event start…


Egyptian folk dance

Velma And Windows Mobile

There has been a new arrival in the stable of bicycles at the Wilson household. How and why I acquired this new bike (more correctly described as a tricycle, or trike to sound more adult) is a story for another time, but suffice it to say that it involved a friend of many years who is something of a semi-professional bicycle racer. I will be forever grateful to him for making this bike, oops, trike, available to me. As I see it, one of the great things about trikes are their potential for being "geeked out". This kind of thing is also possible with regular bicycles, but the extra weight seems more noticeable on two wheels, and there are fewer places to mount the gadgets. Which brings me to the reason for this post, to recount my experience using a Windows Mobile device as a bicycle computer. Before we begin, let me introduce you to Velma (the name of the new trike). Velma is a recumbent bike, so the pedals are in frot while my torso reclines in a comfortable seat, far easier to cope with on long rides tha ...

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Stream Driver Wizard: First version Description

I've got a first version ready for release.  Here is a decription of it. 

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CEFileWiz and StreamDriverWiz .. back to the future!

I've been working on building Mike Hall's CEFileWiz and StreamDriverWiz for CE 6 and for Windows Embedded Compact 7.

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Windows Embedded Compact 7 CTP: First thoughts

I have had my first go with WEC7.  Here are some brief initial comments:

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embedded Spark 2010 Summer Challenge: Tour de France!

embedded Spark 2010 Summer ChallengeHW Correction (The board)

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Platform Builder: makeimg: FATAL ERROR: Out of buffer space

It seems that PB (CE 6 in VS 2005) doesn’t like long path names.

I’ve come across this before.

It builds OK but then fails over in makeimage as above.

C:\WINCE600\OSDesigns\LPC3250-DK_BIN  with solution file in this directory worked OK.

C:\WINCE600\3rdparty\PhyCore_LPC3250_BSP_EVAL_V1_0_3_Prerelease\OSDesigns\LPC3250-DK_BIN  fails as above

I seem to remember that spaces can cause problems too.

It seems a path length issue here.

Thanks to Bruce Eitman:


... And   Nicolas Besson seems to have blogged about the same problem jsut when I came accross it:


Windows Mobile OS Roadmap (Unofficial)


From Mary-Jo Foley:


KEY Points:

  • Windows Phone 7 is due for release soon
  • Announcement of Enterprise Handheld

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