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A new public version of Compact 7 is available (Jan 27th '11)

New version of Component (Content) Wizard available

Compact 7 Jan '11 .. where's the key?

Its on the download site ( new one I think).

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CEContentWiz for Windows Embedded Compact 7

Next version of the CEContentWiz is due soon.. it works with Compact 7 CTP.

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Windows Phone 7 vs. Android: An Engineer’s Perspective

I have been a Windows Mobile user since the early days of the PocketPC Phone Edition device, but with all of the new features coming to the world of iPhone and Android users, I just couldn’t resist moving over to the Android camp.  So about 8 months ago, I purchased a Google Nexus One device and began migrating my Smartphone life to this new platform.  There were many things I had to give up that I had gotten used to on Windows Mobile devices, but the lure of many other, more compelling features on Android was too tempting to resist.  Then in September of 2010, Microsoft released their comeback product into the Smartphone space, called the Windows Phone 7.  Though I was quite happy with my Nexus One, I couldn’t just site idly by and watch everyone else sing the praises of my old friend that I had since dropped for the more attractive new comer.  I wanted to give the Windows Phone 7 device a chance to win my loyalty, much as the Windows Mobile device had done so long ago with the intr ...

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A list of "potential" new features.
Nothing authortive about this.  I copied it from Wikipedia.

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CEDriverWiz is now past the ton!

It reached 100+ downloads a couple of days ago.

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CEContentWiz, Version 1.0 now on Codeplex

Facilitates adding content to an OS image and setting up shortcuts.

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Windows Embedded Standard 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1) Community Technology Preview (CTP) is now available!

Service Pack 1 delivers the Windows 7 SP1 updates to Windows Embedded Standard 7.  This includes the new RemoteFX technology for client, and the new embedded specific SKU Compliance Packages. 

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CEDriverWiz downloads .. 96

Getting near the ton!

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