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In this post I will talk about installing the Serializer .NET library and some features os the Serializer .NET Robot Controller developed by RoboticsConnection.

serializer board

The Serializer 3.0 Robot Controller provides a ready-to-use solution to interface the Microsoft™ .NET framework, or C++ applicaitons to the most common robotic hardware.

Details about the board can be found here Serializer .NET Robot Controller

Here is how we install the .NET library for use in the projects that involve using the Serializer .NET Robot Controller.

Note: Although the board is called robot controller it can be used for much mmore than just controlling robots it can be used for numerous other application like, Motor control, Sensor interface, etc.

The Serializer™ Library is based on the Microsoft .NET 2.0 Framework. It does not support the use of the .NET 1.1 Framework.

So, here we go,

Step 1:

Download the Download the latest version of the Serializer™ .NET Library Installer from: Serializer .NET Library

Step 2:

Run the installer and follow the installation steps


                    Fig.1                                                      Fig.2                                                   Fig.3                                                    



Simple process, isn't it ?

In the next blog I will describe the robot control application from Mr. Samuel Phung's book, so I would suggest you go through what we hae done so far and familiarize youself with the basic OS design process and adding/removing of different components from the OS design.

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