I am a graduate from California State University Long Beach, I completed my Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering with specialization in Robotics and Controls. I have been working with Windows CE 6.0 for about 2 years. I thought to share my experiences here in my blog. I hope to share what I have learned so far and help others to get started with Windows CE, hopefully I can help the beginners going through what I did and save them some time and aggravation, here are the subjects I plan to write:

1. Installation Guide

2. Basic OS design

3. OS Customization

4. Writing the first application (Hello World)

5. Downloading the OS build onto the eBox

6. Working with the Serial Port

7. Webcam Interface

8. DC motor speed control

9. Working with Phidgets

These are the nine topics that I will write about in the coming weeks. I hope these will help all the first timers reading this blog.

As I learn more I will keep adding more topics to my blog.