If you hesitate to migrate to Windows 10 and still use a Windows 7 or Windows 8 development machine to develop application and OS design for Windows Embedded Compact 2013 (Compact-2013).  You should take a serious look at the Windows 10 platform.


My initial Compact-2013 development PC was a Windows 7 machine.  I upgraded to a Windows 8.1 machine to have an unified development environment in order to take advantage of the new development resources available from Microsoft and the community, to support Compact-2013, Azure, mobile and web development.


About two weeks ago, I decided to upgrade my Compact-2013 development machine from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10.  The OS upgrade process was straight forward, just take time.  If you don’t have fast Internet connection, it’s best to download and use the Windows 10 upgrade ISO DISC image to do the upgrade.


My Windows 8.1 machine had the following prior to the upgrade:

  -  Office Pro 2013

  -  Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate

  -  Windows Embedded Compact 2013

  -  Misc. software utility and programming library cumulated overtime 


After the upgrade process, I was amazed that everything just worked.



I like the new UI and desktop.  In addition, Windows 10 startup significantly faster than Windows 8.1 and is more responsive.

After 2 weeks, I did not notice any problem.  I’ve tested the following Compact-2013 development tasks under Windows 10 without problem, using an EBOX-3300A  and Hyper-V VM as target device:

  -  Create OS design, compile and generate OS runtime image.

  -  Download OS runtime image from the VS 2013 IDE to the target device.

  -  Remotely access the target device using Target Control and Remote Tools.

  -  Develop application (native and managed) from VS 2013 IDE, establish connectivity  between VS 2013 IDE and target device using CoreCon and deploy application onto the target device.  Set break point and stepping through the code, line by line.

  -  Clone BSP

While I have not tested the Compact Test Kit environment, I don’t expect to have problem.