After maintaining the Embedded101 community site as one of my pet projects for 5+ years, since the website was initially launched in September of 2008, it’s time to form a board of director to help guide and grow this community.

While stumbling around learning and figuring out how to best manage the Embedded101 website, I was fortunate to connect with a few helpful community minded individuals along the way.  With help from them I am able to establish the initial foundation and structure that help the Embedded101 community evolves to what it is today.

I like to take this opportunity to recognize these individuals for their contribution:

·         James Y. Wilson

·         Mike Hall

·         Scott Davis

·         Michael Fosmire

·         Thierry Joubert

·         David Jones

·         Paolo Patierno

·         Olivier Bloch

·         Gitte-Lena Andersen

·         Justine Coates

·         Jason Summerour

·         Prof. Ron Kessler

·         Prof. James Hamblen

While we are still a small community in comparison to the others, we can start a new chapter to reach out and expand this community.

One of the initial steps is to form a board of director, to provide the much needed guidance and help to build and expand our community.  I am grateful to have the following individuals agreed to join the Embedded101 board of direction:

·         David Jones

·         Thierry Joubert

·         Ron Kessler

·         Paolo Patierno

Including myself, acting as the chair for the Embedded101 board of director, we have 5 board members with different background and from different region, which will provide good mixes of input and idea to help Embedded101 grow.

Following are brief introduction for the members of the Embedded101 board of director:


David Jones

David currently lives in Victoria/Australia region.  I initially met David in 2005, during the Windows Embedded Student Challenge worldwide competition final at Microsoft’s Redmond campus, where the student team he mentored won the 1st place for the 2005 worldwide final competition.  David has 17+ years of experience in teaching computer science.  In addition to his academic experience, David is one of the very few teaching professional with real-life commercial experience.  David help co-authored my Compact-7 and Compact-2013 books and just received his eMVP award in October this year.

David lectured computer science courses at RMIT in Australia for more 17 years.  After leaving his teaching role at RMIT in 2006, David joined VPAC (, a consortium formed by key institutions in the Victoria/Australia region that provides research, consulting and training services to academia, government and business.  David left VPAC in December of 2011 and is now semi-retired.  However, David is still interested in Windows Embedded activities and opportunities.


Thierry Joubert

Thierry currently lives in Paris.  He is one of the long time eMVP, CTO and co-founder for Theoris, one of the Windows Embedded Gold partner in Europe.  In addition to his professional work, Thierry has been actively engaging with the academic community for a very long time, written numerous technical contents/curriculum and provide training to the academic community.  In 2008, Thierry mentored a student team participated in the Imagine Cup Embedded Development competition and advanced to the worldwide final in Paris.  In 2009, 2010 and 2011, Thierry was one of the judges for the Imagine Cup Embedded Development’s worldwide final competition.  Thierry also help co-authored my Compact-7 and Compact-2013 books.  For Compact 7, Thierry created the technical contents for the Compact 7 academic curriculum.  


Ron Kessler

Prof. Kessler lives in California (USA), currently teach computer science courses at Santiago Canyon College in Orange County, California.  I initially met Prof. Kessler around 2008, and visited his campus to help with some Windows CE related issue after he purchased some eBox.  I introduced Prof. Kessler to the Imagine Cup competition.  In 2011, he mentored a student team that won the US regional competition and advanced to participate in the worldwide final in New York.  I have been working with Prof. Kessler to adopt Windows Embedded in his teaching.


Paolo Patierno

Paolo lives in Italy.  He is a young passionate developer and actively engaging with the local developer community in his region.  Graduated with a Computer Engineering degree from University “Federico II” of Naples in 2006, he has been working with Microsoft technologies in the commercial sector since then.

Paolo is competent in using .NET technology for the desktop, Windows Embedded Compact and .NET Micro Framework.  In addition to his passion for .NET technology, Paolo is a capable embedded engineering with experience in build OS kernel and device driver development for Windows CE.  Along with his experience is developing web and mobile application, Paolo has multiple technical disciplines and can handle just about anything he run across.

I initially connected to Paolo when he sent an email to ask for information about the eBox.  After introducing Paolo to the Embedded101 site, he started to contribute interesting and useful technical article to the Embedded101 community.  Paolo is particularly interested in .NET Micro Framework and written numerous articles and blog post on this subject.  Aside his busy work and family schedule, Paolo find times to develop the following useful resources which he releases to the community via the Codeplex site:

-          .NET library for MQTT protocol

-          Client library for .NET Micro Framework to access cloud services

-          Help library for .NET Micro Framework to access common hardware

-          .NET Micro Framework weather station project

I am currently working on a book project with Paolo, “Developing M2M Internet-of-Things Devices on Windows Embedded Platforms”, which will release online via the Embedded101 site, as a free ebook to the community.


Samuel Phung

I have been in my current sales and marketing role for 12+ years with my current employer, ICOP Technology, and have been engaging in the Windows Embedded community for the past 16+ years, received my initial eMVP award in 2005 and maintained the eMVP status until today.

During my early years, I develop business database application using Dbase, Clipper & Foxpro, which evolved into Visual Basic and Access in the early 1990s.  I started to work with Windows Embedded technology around 1997, starting with Windows NT Workstation 4.0 Embedded which leaded me to discover Windows CE 2.11.

I authored a CE 6.0 book, “Professional Windows Embedded CE 6.0”, and co-authored a Compact 7 book with David Jones and Thierry Joubert, “Professional Windows Embedded Compact 7”.  As of the writing of this blog entry, I am working on a Compact 2013 book project with David Jones and Thierry Joubert, “Introducing Windows Embedded Compact 2013”, which we are releasing the chapters as work-in-progress on the Embedded101 site.

Working with David Jones and Thierry Joubert, we created a number of Windows Embedded resources which we release to the community on the Codeplex site.  You can find these resources via the following URL:




The Embedded101 community site is created with the mission to provide technical information resources to help student, hobbyist and commercial developer to learn and engage in Windows Embedded development.

If you are interested to participate and contribute to this community, please drop us a note by register to this site and send a direct message to me through this website as a registered user. Alternatively, you can find me on Linkedin and Twitter (@Samuelp101).