Today, Microsoft announced the general availability of Windows Embedded Compact 2013 (Compact 2013).

The Windows Embedded Compact family of operating system (OS), formerly known as “Windows CE”, is a highly efficient OS with hard Real-time capability, designed to support multiple family of processors, including x86 and different derivative of ARM.

With the initial version, Windows CE 1.0, released in 1996, the Windows Embedded Compact OS has been through over 16 years of continuous improvement and provided the core technology that enabled countless innovative devices to be created.  While most OEM/ODM device makers adopted Windows Embedded Compact to build their device generally do not include Windows Embedded Compact in their marketing message, there are many devices we can point to that are built on Windows Embedded Compact technology, such as:

With more than 16 years of cumulated development, design and business experiences, the Windows Embedded Compact technology platform is fine tuned to support the evolving Internet-of-Thing (iThing) marketplace, where many key technology players are talking about “Intelligent Systems and Devices”.  Here are some of the improvements in this latest release:

  • Using the latest Visual Studio 2012 development environment
  • Improved file-system performance
  • Improved networking
  • Optimized startup to shorten boot time

To learn more about Compact 2013 and access to a fully function evaluation version of Compact 2013 , visit the following URL: