Today, Microsoft released Windows Embedded Standard 8 Community Technology Preview 3 (CTP3).

Windows Embedded Standard 8 is built on the Windows 8 OS platform, with enabling features to support industrial, embedded and specialized purpose devices.

With the first version based on the Windows NT 4.0 OS platform, formerly known as “Windows NT Embedded 4.0” and “Windows XP Embedded”, the Windows Embedded Standard line of product enables developer to leverage existing application and development resource to rapidly create new generation of industrial, embedded and specialized purpose devices.

In addition to the embedded enabling features, developed to improve system stability, resolving issues associate with unexpected loss-of-power, quick startup and added file system filter mechanism to insure the system always startup and launch the necessary components as intended, Windows Embedded Standard enables developer to leverage large pool of existing resources from Microsoft and 3rd party companies, already available in the market to support the desktop, laptop and server version of the Windows OS, to create new generation of intelligent, connected, media rich and secured devices.

For more information and to download the latest Windows Embedded Standard 8 CTP3, visit the following URL: