I know about the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and read about Bill and Melinda’s activities occasionally from news articles.

I did not know about the www.thegatesnotes.com website until recently, after I started to follow Bill’s Twitter, @BillGates.

Although I followed Bill’s twit, I just glance through his twit to see some of the key words or issues.

One of Bill’s recent twit about energy caught my attention.  Smart-Energy is one of the business opportunity that got my attention, with some free time on hand, I follow the link on the twit to check it out.  The link point to an entry Bill wrote about a book he read, written by Daniel Yergin, talking about energy and related issues and how it impact the modern world.

Bill provided insightful about this book.

As I wander around www.thegatesnotes.com site, I find lots of insightful information about serious issues around the world.

As an alternative to celebrity gossip and news about ignorance/irresponsible politician, the www.thegatesnotes.com website provides interesting information about some of the difficult challenges from different region around the world and effective/innovative solutions that address some of these challenges.

The information on Bill’s website is categorized into the following sections:

  • Education
  • Energy
  • Development
  • Health
  • Personal
  • Books